Soft Black 


Real IT Professionals: Best IT Talent

Soft Black success with finding the best candidates simply comes down to the best people following the best practices. From start to finish, Soft Black ensures that a great candidate is converted to a great employee who contributes directly to your company’s success — whether short- or long-term.

The Soft Black Recruiting Team

We believe if you want to find the top IT talent, then you’d better use real IT professionals to find them. Members of our recruiting and account teams are former IT professionals who have spent between 15 and 20 years in various IT roles for large Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We understand the technology industry, the client environment, the different technologies used, and the complexities and pressure of running successful IT projects. Who better to vet the next key hire for your business?

The Soft Black Process — Only Serious Candidates Considered

Our network of IT talent is strong because candidates quickly find that our recruiting process is not for the faint of heart. A local presence with a national reach, we have a large consultant database of more than 250,000 qualified resumes and access to millions more.

  • Ensuring resume accuracy and consistency: First, our IT recruiters use their technical knowledge to perform the initial screening with detailed questions about the candidate’s previous roles and responsibilities. Further, they work to understand what makes the candidate tick, why they desire to change companies and more.
  • Screening and skills testing: We are thorough and methodical in finding and verifying the appropriate technical, business, and communication skills in every candidate, using testing tools, questions and work samples.
  • In-depth, multi-level internal technical interview: After the initial screening comes an interview by one of Soft Black highly trained and knowledgeable team members who is experienced in the specific technologies required for the job. Here we can distinguish between beginner, intermediate and expert skill levels, ensuring the candidate’s productivity and success on the job.
  • Formal reference checking process: We follow a rigorous 6-step process of formal reference checks. And because our account managers are required to have a solid understanding of our client’s environment and business goals, nothing is overlooked. Every possible question is asked to verify not only dates, roles and skills, but also soft skills, professional behavior and the person’s ability to work on a team.
  • The client interview: If a candidate passes these hurdles, we submit their resume to the client and if an interview is conducted, we contract a formal third-party service to perform verifications and formal background checks, always to the specifications of our client.